Help beat the winter blues with our High Performance Tanning Bed and Stand-Up UV Tanning Booth.


Teena is the owner of the tanning section at Shear Heaven and plans on continuing with her best customer service skills making sure your experience at Shear Heaven is truly all about you! At Shear Heaven we have the nicest beds around, competitive prices and lotions, accelerators, tinglers and bronzers! 

  • High Performance Lay Down Bed – 12 min. time limit
  • High Performance Stand Up – 9 min. time limit
  • Ask about our different Tanning Packages
  • Packages by the Minute or by the Sessions

At Shear Heaven we also have the World Best Spray Tan Formula! A spray tan gives you that instant color for those times when you don’t have the time for our awesome tanning beds.

Teena is the only Vitatanz distributor in the area! Come and see Teena to get an all over beautiful tan!

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